Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to Sunday Dinner

Awwh Sundays! One of my favorite days of the week. I like Sundays because they are a start of a new week. I usually get enough rest on Saturday, that Sunday on Sunday I am able get a lot done.

This Sunday for me included: a lot of laundry (6 loads), cleaning (the whole fridge) and some shopping (grocery, target, mail).

I purchased my binder, pencil pouch, dividers and some new pens for the weekly challenge # 1 at bowl full of lemons. More on that later this week.

We also went and bought these.

It started with a little bit of this.

And a little of this.

And ended with this.

A closer look of the delicious french onion soup.

It started from this recipe at Simply Recipes, but of course my husband couldn't leave that alone and made some changes. It turned out fantastic. As I said I love Sundays.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I always like a challenge

I have decided to join A Bowl Full of Lemons weekly challenge on cleaning/organizing. I need help in this area, so I thought why not. Since I work full time I am not sure if I will be able to complete all the challenges on time but it is worth a try. Come join me and whole bunch of others if you want :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

China blue Donkey Done!

I am done.

Wow that block really pushed my skill level. All those little squares. My goodness! He isn't perfect, but hopefully my bee mate at scrappy-bee blocks will enjoy his donkey block. I do think he turned out pretty cute. I am excited to have one project done.

However, since it is almost the beginning of the month I have new bee blocks coming in. Plus I only have a very short time to finish my peaceful green baby quilt. Like under 10 days. So I will be starting that tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP #2

On to week two of work in progress report. I did do a lot of cutting of fabric this week, but I haven't had time to do much sewing. The end of last week was pretty busy and the beginning of this one was too. I only had a one day off this weekend due to the tech conference. I usually get most my sewing done on the weekends so that kind of put me back a bit.
New Projects:
 No new projects this week. 

Ongoing Projects:
Donkey block
This block is for scappy bee blocks. I will finish this tonight or tomorrow. It must go in the mail really really soon.

Peaceful Green Quilt

I have all the fabric cut. I am hoping to get the top done this weekend. This one will be for a friend that is having a baby really soon. I can't show to much yet, but it should be really cute. I am using the pattern home coming from the book Simplify with Camille Roskelley.
Hexagon Christmas Table Runner/Hexagon Christmas Pillows

During the tech conference I did get a chance to work on the hexagons for these. I also work on them some today. It was a rough day. Hand peicing always seems to help me with that. One of my students really wants me to teach her how to do it. Everytime I pull it out at recess, she comes to talk to me about it. I keep telling her when I finish this project I will teacher. Now I guess I really have to finish the project. :)

Completed tops awaiting quilting:

I didn't do anything with these:
Halloween Quilt
Peace Purse
Posh Quilt
Loves Road
UFOs -
Scrappy Bear - However, I am thinking of pulling this one out this weekend we will see how it goes.
This week's stats:
New projects 0
Completed projects : 0
Currently in progress - 9

Linking up to
 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Right about now...

I wish I had a design wall.

Or at least a door to my office/ sewing room to protect my work from someone.

Mainly this guy. The dog who thinks quilting stuff is yummy! Doesn't he just look so innocent there, sleeping next to my ironing board. Like he would never eat a pressing mat or a spool of thread. Or anything else he can get his big mouth on.

Oh well. I will just have to try again tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Does anyone see the reset button?

Today was one of those "really" days at work. I don't really need to go into details, but there bugs that just don't belong in a classroom, rude adult and kids acting really strange. I felt like Mario stuck in a place he shouldn't have been able to go and all you can do is reset the game to make it work right again. Or like that little spinning hourglass from hell when your computer is frozen. So I would like to hit the reset button.

I really want to sew tonight, but instead I have to prepare for tech forum tomorrow. I will be teaching about digital graphic organizers and the NETS. Here is my example of how electronic graphic organizers can help you make a decision.
Too bad I have to study up for my presentation. Or I would be eating chocolate and hopefully quilting. If not at least I could be watching a movie and spacing out.

This is all the progress I have made on the donkey block.

I was hoping to have it as a Monday finish, but with having a forum to present tomorrow that just isn't going to happen. So I guess it will have to be a Wednesday finish. At least I sure hope so I don't want to be late on my first month of bee blocks. Off to study up on NETS, also known as the National Educational Technology Standards.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

21st century learning and an age old craft

Today was a very busy day. I attended a teaching conference on 21st Century learning, put on by the Placer County of Education. It was wonderful that my district paid for me and some other tech-ex teachers to go and that PCOE invited teachers from outside their district to join the conference. BTW Tech-ex is a stipend position where teachers in my distrct train other teachers on technology for our district. At least that is the easiest way I can explain it.

web 2.0

It was a great conference. I really learned a lot. There are lots of free and great web 2.0 apps out there for students/teachers to use that are free. I am going to have to find some ways to integrate these into my teaching. I think it may help get my students focus back on learning.

However, I found it quite humorous that while I was waiting for a tech conference to begin I choose to work on my hexagons.

hexagons for christmas table runner
I did get 2 more hexagon flowers made during the being session and keynote speaker.  Don't judge. I just don't stay focus when I have to listen unless I am doing something else, like playing on computer/cell phone, hand quilting, or doodling. Often during lectures/staff meetings I practice free motion quilting designs. One of my partner teachers this year handed me a piece of paper and a pencil to doodle on when I started spacing during a staff meeting.  Amazing how quickly I become more focused. Much like the students of today.

The only thing I didn't like about this conference is that they stated that my birth year is part of the gen x generation. I just don't feel like I am part of that generation. The presentation had gen x followed by gen y. I think there is a middle generation. When I got home I did a little research this. Yes I had to. I found that some sources say that there is a middle generation between those too. I really believe that is true, because sorry to say but I don't think that my brothers and I are in the same generation. We just think differently and our prospectives are different. That may sound strange by my brothers are 11 and 12 years older than I am and they grew up in a different time.

Sorry for the side track there. As you can tell that really bothered me.

As to an age old craft, I also spent a lot of time cutting fabric this evening. I have two projects cut out.

The baby quilt is all cut out.

I am loving the colors. I just added one new fabric in today. I am really liking it. The colors are a little off here. I trid to fix it in lightbox (21st Century again), but it was the middle ofthe night.

All the fabric for the donkey block is also cut.

I think he is going to be a china blue donkey, because hat is what he is reminding me of. I wish I could find the book my mom used to read me that had a china cat, the blue and white flower fabric is reminding me of the picture of that cat.

Now, tomorrow I get to sew. I love weekends. Especially weekends where I get to play on the computer and make quilts.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank Goodness

Its Friday! It has been a week. It was a short week, but it felt like the longest week ever. Some weeks being a teacher is harder than others. Yesterday was one of those emotionally draining days. So much so, that I was feeling drained today.  

Seeing as I was feeling kinda blue, I am in the process of this...

All I have to say is yumm! Homemade brownies. Now off to make something else for dinner. Going to try to quilt to night. I need to finish cutting two projects. I would like to start sewing tonight.

P.S. There is a giveaway a good one at lila tueller designs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Week 1

This is my first work in progress Wednesday. I am joining this linky so that maybe I can keep track of what I am trying to accomplish. So here we go.
New Projects:

Peaceful Green Quilt
This one will be for a friend that is having a baby really soon. I can't show to much yet, but it should be really cute. I am using the pattern home coming from the book Simplify with Camille Roskelley.
Ongoing Projects:
Posh Quilt
I bought this a couple years ago when I decided I wanted to start quilting again. That didn't happen until last year. Everything is cut and ready to be sewn together.  It is just going slow with all these babies on the way.
Completed tops awaiting quilting:

Loves Road

Still didn't do anything with these:
Halloween Quilt
Hexagon Christmas Table Runner
Hexagon Christmas Pillows
Peace Purse
Donkey Block
Scrappy Bear
This week's stats:New projects:  1
Completed projects : 0
Currently in progress - 9

Monday, January 17, 2011

My day off

Done cleaning for the day. Although, the house is not ready for a white glove inspection, I am hoping it is clean enough to leave the dogs out without any worry of them destroying anything. Well at least it better be, because I am getting dressed, taking them for a walk and going shopping/returning.

I mean just look at these faces. How could they ever do anything bad.  :)

Then hopefully I will still have time for quilting. I have two projects I really want to work on today. One is for my Scrap-bee Blocks.
Donkey clipping
Dustin is asking for a donkey block. They ones that have been finished are looking pretty cute.

Then I have a choice to make. I have four quilts on my to do list. One has a deadline so I will probably work on that, but I kind of want to make a quilt for myself.

Another goal I have right now is to quilt my love road quilt before Valentine's Day. I just need some batting, too bad I already used up my quilting budget for the month.
Love Road Quilt 1
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bee Block and SMQG Meeting

I just finished my first bee block. I found it to be a little unsettling. I kept worry it wouldn't turn out right or that there wouldn't be enough fabric, but they both came out looking great.
A Twist on Tradition Bee
 Yesterday was the first meeting of the year for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild. I am working on getting the pictures up on flickr and our website right now. It was a great meeting with some new faces and lots of returning members. I am so glad to see we are having a greater following and I am hoping that we get to meet some of our new members soon.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yippy and OMG

Recentally I recieved my prize that I won from the sew mama sew giveaway. It was from and it the cutest fabric. Red Letter day by Lizzy House.

Just look at the little ducks. How can one resist it?

The best part is my giveaway buddy is a teacher too. Thanks again for the giveaway.

I also am excited because I got a new camera. Compare these to picture of the new fabric.
With point and shoot


So much better with my nikon dslr then my little sony point and shoot. Now I just have to get back into practice with photograph.

Plus my rotary even foot that my mom got me for Christmas just came in. It is such a nifty little foot, it hems, it sews on bias tape, and it does rolled hems. Can wait to try it out.

But here is the real OMG moment for tonight. I almost screwed up my first block for my first quilting bee ( a twist on tradition). I was cutting half square triangles and the ruler slipped. I was just a little short of 3 inches. I thought I was going to have to write my bee buddy and tell them how I failed. However, I made it all work on with some scant 1/4 seams. Look how pretty the pinwheels turned out.

Now I just need to add on the log cabin part. However, it is time for bed. Night all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a bathroom

So I am putting this out there. Some mornings are just rough and I don't put away everything away. Sometimes we are just lazy around here.  Sometimes it a little of both.
This was my bathroom at 9:00 pm Tuesday night. 

I figured that what  could be a better situation than this to start my resolution of being neat and tidy.  Since obviously I wasn't in the morning.  Plus I had just got some new cleaning products that I wanted to try out (tell you all about that later). 

So on to cleaning I went. It just needed to be done. I mean really there is a soda can on the counter (not mine btw). I even got to my makeup drawer.
Wow and I put things on my face from this drawer
Here is a hint. If you can't get makeup off of something try this.
 That is what it is made for after all.

Forty minutes later and ta-da!
A clean bathroom.

And a clean makeup drawer

Let see how long it stays that way.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Homemade towels and mat

This year I did make some handmade Christmas gifts.  I have really been liking all the handmade towels I keep seeing out there. My hope was that my mom would like some too. Plus, I found some fabric that was just her color. Meadowsweet to be exact (at my local Beverley's).

I didn't feel like the towels were quite enough, so I decided to make a dish mat also.

I had seen some of these dish mats made earlier on in the year and wanted to make one for myself.  I have a strong belief that you should only gift something that you would like to receive. To me this would be a great little gift to get, so I made one to go with the dish towels. So I quickly stitch this up and added to the gift set. OK let me take that back and be honest. I tried to quickly stitch this up, but I messed up on part of triple stitch and had to spend the morning before Christmas ripping out the stitches so that it would look perfect.
It ended up looking a little retro to me, but I think my mom really like it.  I still want a dishmat for me. I just need to decide on the colors. If I hadn't of had to rip out the stitches it would have been a very quick project.

If you enjoyed this post please go visit me at my new blog Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life  where you will find more projects just like this.
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Late Night

Been up all night quilting. Working on the circle quilt.
Circle Quilt in progress
I decided to go with raw edged applique. Circles are a task in themselves.

I actually have it all quilted, but I am waiting to upload it until I give it to my friend at her baby shower tomorrow. I do still need to put on the binding. I will be trying Charlotte's Fusible Web by Superior Threads since I will be machine binding this quilt. I will let you all know how it goes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Circle Quilt

My first quilt of 2011 will be a circle quilt. Here are some of my inspirations from flickr. I also saw some in a couple magazines but I can't remember where.
1. Bubbles 2.0, 2. Paige's Quilt 2010, 3. Crop Circle Quilt, 4. Block for Katharina, 5. birdy circles quilt, 6. Circle Quilt, 7. Circles Baby Quilt, 8. Circles and Waves quilt, 9. Circle Quilt

For my version I will be using some of these fabrics.

BTW most of this fabric came from my stash or my mom's so I have no idea what fabric it is.

Here are some circles cut and waiting to be pressed.

Luckily I was able to go down to my mom's house and steal borrow some circle cutting tools.

Now I have less than a week to get this ready for a baby shower. Eek I better get to work. That means I better go back to figuring out how to machine applique.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So I have decided to blog

Yep that is right. I decided to blog. Why? Well because I really enjoy reading other peoples' blogs and I am hoping that someone (anyone that is) will enjoy mine. Plus it is a new year. So why not!

I like being creative. I am creative, but haven't been for a long time. A long time ago I started this silly thing called college. Which didn't leave much time for being creative. Then I started this other silly thing called a job. I decided to become a teacher, which didn't leave much time to be creative for myself. I could be somewhat creative in the classroom, but was to tried to do any crafting, quilting, photography and such for myself. Ten years down the road and someone asked me what do I do for stress and for myself. That one stumped me. What did I do for me?

That was a good question. So I thought about it for a long, long time. Months really. Then one day I realized I used to like to quilt. So I started reading quilting blogs and quilting. All the sudden I was taking pictures of my quilts and putting them on flickr. Then I realized, I used to do creative things all the time and still do. I just hadn't been thinking about it. That brings us right back to why I am starting this blog. I have decided to be creative. I have decided to document it. I have decided to do lots of other things this year too. Just take a look.
There I have said it. It is out on the web. Now can I do it? How about you what have you decided to do this year?